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I have had the pleasure of knowing Richard Ciferský and of his wonderful musicianship for some time now. We have performed together both in Europe and the United States. In every instance, I have always been amazed by not only his technique and skill on the banjo, but by his unbelievable attention to detail. The way he plays behind a vocalist in the most non-intrusive yet supportive way is truly special and his instrumental compositions are the perfect blend of straight ahead, driving bluegrass and brilliantly melodic, contemporary musical ideas. In every setting, Richard is equally adept and at home. He’s a naturally gifted musician who, while technically masterful, manages to play straight from the heart and emotionally charged in whatever musical vein he chooses. This new release shows all of the many facets of his talents. From the first strains to the final note it truly is a wonderful showcase of Richard’s many musical styles and strong points. Surrounded by an all-star cast of musicians, he proves that he doesn’t have to take a backseat to anyone and is most certainly a world-class talent. Of all the music he has recorded up to this point, this recording is, in my opinion, the most complete and comprehensive to date. It shows how he can flow so easily from one style to another while still managing to sound unique and distinctive. That in itself is the very definition of a true artist. I know without a doubt that this recording has something for everyone who loves acoustic music – no matter how varied your tastes. I ‘m so proud of the music that Richard has created here and even prouder to call him my friend.

Steve Gulley

It was a rainy day in Nashville when I put on Richard Cifersky’s latest record. From the start,
I was impressed by Richard’s technique and musicality.  His banjo absolutely sparkles on the 8 original compositions, complemented beautifully by some of the finest Slovak musicians I’ve ever heard.  Becky Buller’s fine lead vocals round out the collection on 2 tracks.  By the time the album was over, Richard’s “Rainy Day” had made my rainy day very much brighter.

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I did.

Alison Brown

As strange as it may seem bluegrass has grown and flourished in Europe, with quite a number of outstanding groups and individual musicians. It is particularly noteworthy that many of the most accomplished musicians originate in the Czech and Slovak Republics. This region which has historically been noted for great artists and composers, now produces a number of bluegrass “super pickers,” known worldwide for their creativity and technical expertise.

One of the finest new artists from this region is Richard Cifersky. I first became acquainted with him last year when he was touring in the States with his band Fragment, and was delighted to hear that he was working on a solo project. His playing is both technical and artistic, based on a solid traditional and “Scruggs” foundation, but also incorporating creative ideas that are unique and original.

Having heard his new album I would recommend it for anyone looking for something fresh and new, as well as those who insist that great bluegrass music can only come from American bands.

Being so talented and so young, one can expect that Richard will leave his mark on bluegrass music, and enjoy a long and productive career making music he loves.

Bill Chapman


Special DVD form my 15th Anniversary with music and the banjo (November 20th, 2010).

You can see two concerts, one with my musicians friends and second with The Chapmans brothers. Also bonus video and photos.